Creating a taunt

Team Fortress 2 is a game of dance, fueled by taunts that add a little spice into the game. With over 58 action taunts, who says it's impossible to make some more? In fact, this is not nearly enough! You may be inclined to put your magnificent creation onto the interwebs, for all of the world to see. However, with the abundance of taunts filling the Team Fortress 2 Community Workshop, your chances of getting your piece into the game are low.

That doesn’t mean you should already move on with your life, living with the reality the game that you so love is dead now that your taunt isn't in the game! No no no! Don’t just let your dreams be dreams, for you can start off by putting your taunt onto the Creators.TF workshop, where your chances of getting in are much greater since only a small amount of people actually post there. We haven't had a taunt into the game as of current (12/9/2020), so feel free to make a taunt for Creators.TF and add your name to the long list of contributors to the game! Don't know how? Well, we'll show you!

Source Filmmaker is property of Valve Corporation So how do you create a taunt? Surprisingly, creating taunts is not limited to SFM (Source Filmmaker, Valve's own proprietary animation software), you can use whatever platform you prefer to animate in, whether Blender, Maya or any piece of software that allows you to animate. However, whichever platform you use, please note that the Steam Workshop requires that you export your work and submit it as a .DMX or .SMD file. For simplicity, we will be focusing on SFM, since it is the most common tool to create taunts. Taunts in TF2 usually last 3 to 5 seconds, with the only exceptions being loopable taunts, since they can continue indefinitely. You will not be able to submit more than 10 seconds of animation to the Workshop. Additionally, when exporting your animation remember to only submit the frames within the range of the animation. You must import the TF2 characters from the TF2 branch, you cannot use the SFM characters found in the /player/hwm directory to create your taunts, as TF2 doesn't support these models, and that the HWM models are an SFM exclusive. If you are using Maya, download this zip file, which contains the files for all classes with a center pose from which you can start the animation.

You can import any sound from the game to use in your taunt. SFM will automatically export and include it in the .VCD. Simply right-click on the sound track and add any clip found within in the TF2 branch.

Taunt props follow the same guidelines as our cosmetics and are submitted as a .DMX via the Taunt Workshop along with your animation .DMX. All animation for the taunt lives on the character so that the prop bones will be driven by the character's movement. Bones on the prop that are named identically to bones on the character will be automatically aligned and attach in-game.

The following is a list of bones we recommend using to drive the prop animation for taunts. Note that using other bones may conflict with player items and effects and may not be accepted.


When you are finished with your animation, trim your timeline to the duration of the taunt and right-click on the character in the Animation Set Editor window. Detach all rigs and select export/taunt animation in the dropdown window. Verify the start and end frames of your animation, name your file and save. This .DMX you export from SFM is what you will use to submit your animation to the workshop.

With SFM, you have access to dozens of emotional shapes for each character in SFM. The only limitation is that you will not be able to export the visme's shapes, due to the fact that they conflict with the lipsync tool the game uses for animating mouth movement for voice clips. The following is a list of shapes you will not be able to export from SFM: OO, WQ, AW, OH, UH, ER, SH, GK, DS, T, N, TH, EE, Y, AE, AH, MB, PP and FV. More information about lipsync and extracting phonemes can be found here on the Valve Developer Wiki.

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