Welcome to the Creators.TF Community Wiki!

This wiki has been created to provide help and information to both new and veteran Team Fortress 2 players as well as document the many developing and expanding parts of Creators.TF.

What is Creators.TF?

Over the past few years, Team Fortress 2 has been receiving far less attention from developers, yet the game is still very much relevant. While we could continue to wait in endless anticipation, we can also take the game into our own hands! The goal of this project is to try and make unofficial updates to our beloved game with the help of community created content and, very importantly – with the authentic Team Fortress 2 spirit in mind.

How can I play on Creators.TF?

To play on Creators.TF servers you will only need to complete these simple steps:

1) Enter Creators.TF website with your Steam account.

2) Download the asset pack by either downloading the Creators launcher or manually installing the asset pack.

3) Read Our Rules

4) To find Creators.TF servers, you can view our servers through our website by clicking the "Find a server" button, alternatively you can use TF2's in game community browser with the tag “Creators”.

Be wary however, as some servers have falsely used this tag to try and trick people into joining them.

For more details, you can look into Guide on How To Get Started for all the information you will need to play.

What if I want to get involved in the Wiki?

In order to help the the Wiki, you can create an account on the site in order to be able to edit the pages and, therefore, speed up the development of this project. Alternatively, you can join our Discord server to easily chat with other users.

Latest Update: Operation Digital Directive


Operation: Digital Directive, community-made Mann vs Machine campaign created by Creators.TF in collaboration with Potato’s Custom MvM Servers. With 30 new missions across 22 maps, plus some brand new gameplay additions, this is gonna be one hell of a campaign across the world!

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