Map Rotation

Team Fortress 2 is the amazing game it is thanks to its wide variety of playable maps. As a modification of TF2, Creators.TF has its own selection of custom maps that include official and community maps. Below is a list of all the maps.

Regular Maps

King of the Hill Maps Attack/Defend Maps Control Points Maps Payload Maps

ImageMap & FilenameStatusCreated By:Workshop Links
ramjam.jpgRamjam koth_ramjam_rc1 ActiveJusaSteam Workshop Link
ashville.jpgAshville koth_ashville_rc2b ActiveRorek HInomaruSteam Workshop Link
slaughter.jpgSlaughter koth_slaughter_b2a Activevoid~ juniper Diva DanSteam Workshop Link
bagel.jpgBagel koth_bagel_rc3 ActiveYrrzy Freyja void~ doeghballSteam Workshop Link
spillway.jpgSpillway koth_spillway_rc3a ActiveSeba Urban Yrrzy doeghballSteam Workshop Link
product.jpgProduct koth_viaduct_rcx ActiveJackyLegs Mimas Torres IawnSteam Workshop Link
harter.jpgHarter koth_harter_rc1 ActiveKit CarsonSteam Workshop Link
daenam.jpgDaenam koth_daenam_b9 Activepoy hondjoSteam Workshop Link
lakeside.jpgLakeside Koth_lakeside_final ActiveElectroSheepN/A
Kong King koth_king ActiveElectroSheepN/A
synthetic.jpgSynthetic koth_synthetic_rc6a ActiveDucksink Gadget Squeezit MegapiemanPHD
doeghball hutty
Steam Workshop Link
harvest.jpgHarvest Alpine koth_harvestalpine_v3b ActiveAlexCookieSteam Workshop Link
clearcut.jpgClearcut koth_clearcut_b15c ActiveSturmTeaSteam Workshop Link
gibson.jpgGibson koth_gibson_rc4 ActiveProsciuttoSteam Workshop Link
ImageMap & FilenameStatusCreated By:Workshop Links
gullywash.jpgGullywash cp_gullywash_f1a ActiveJan “Arnold” LaroyN/A
process.jpgProcess cp_process_f6 ActiveIan “ScorpioUprising” CuslidgeN/A
snakewater.jpgSnakewater cp_snakewater_final1 ActiveToivo Sawen chojjeSteam Workshop Link
sunshine_main.jpgSunshine cp_sunshine ActiveRebecca “phi” Ailes iiboharz Seba Mellowretro SediSocksSteam Workshop Link
Yukon cp_yukon_final ActiveMangyCarface AcegikmoN/A
glassworks.jpgGlassworks cp_glassworks_rc6 ActiveUEAKCrash FreyjaSteam Workshop Link
kalinka.jpgKalinka cp_kalinka_rc6a ActiveNeoDement Jusa Exactol Square хвззSteam Workshop Link
ImageMap & FilenameStatusCreated By:Workshop Links
borneo.jpgBorneo pl_borneo Activesean
Steam Workshop Link
swiftwater.jpgSwiftwater pl_swiftwater_final1 ActiveSchwa
Lemon [F+]
Steam Workshop Link
pier.jpgPier pl_pier ActiveNeal "Blade x64" Smart Benjamin "Badgerpig" Blåholtz Erik "Colteh" Coltey

Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt donhonk Andrew "Dr. Spud" Thompson

Thijs "Evil_Knevil" Van Gerrewey Juniper Nassim "NassimO" Sadoun

Damian "Populus" Błaszczyk Kevin "Ravidge" BrookTim "SediSocks" BL

Sky Al "Square" Rodgers Aeon "Void" Bollig Zoey Smith
Steam Workshop Link
thundermountain.jpgThunder Mountain pl_thundermountain ActiveValveN/A
Upward pl_upward ActiveValveN/A
badwater.jpgBadwater Pro pl_badwater_pro_v9 Active[RAID] FastCo. leprecanTF2Maps Link
fifthcurve.jpgFifthcurve pl_fifthcurve_rc1 ActiveICSSteam Workshop Link
sludgepit.jpgSludgepit pl_sludgepit_final4 ActiveAsG_Alligator ProsciuttoSteam Workshop Link
summercoast.jpgSummercoast pl_summercoast_rc8e ActiveDocteur WhoaSteam Workshop Link
vigil.jpgVigil pl_vigil_rc7 ActivetheatreTECHIE AsG_Alligator Freyja MaccyF Yotts | RGL.ggSteam Workshop Link
stranded.jpgStranded pl_stranded_rc5 ActiveICSSteam Workshop Link
barnblitz.jpgBarnblitz pl_barnblitz_pro6 Activebubblebobbler

Maxime "Fubar" Dupuis
Steam Workshop Link

ImageMap & FilenameStatusCreated By:Workshop Links
bananabay.jpgBanana Bay plr_bananabay ActiveStuffy360 Blade x64 PearForceOne fuzzymellow void~
Freyja NeoDement
Steam Workshop Link

Alternative Gamemode Maps

Capture the Flag Maps Payload Race Maps Medieval Maps Mannpower Maps Passtime Maps Robot Destruction Maps Player Destruction Maps Special Delivery Maps Territorial Control Maps

ImageMap & FilenameStatusCreated By:Workshop Links
gorge.jpg2fort ctf_2fort ActiveValve⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀N/A
gravelpit.jpgLandfall ctf_landfall ActiveAndrew "Dr. Spud" Thompson
Fay L. "nineaxis" Fabry
Mark "Shmitz" Major
Steam Workshop Link
mountainlab.jpgTurbine Pro ctf_turbine_pro_rc4 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ActiveValve ElectroSheepN/A
rumble.jpgRumble cp_rumble_rc6 ActiveSheltr ICS sean Hakk1tus 'Rito ElectroSheep‎‎Steam Workshop Link
fulgur.jpgFulgur cp_fulgur_rc2 ActiveAsG_AlligatorSteam Workshop Link
ImageMap & FilenameStatusCreated By:Workshop Links
bananabay.jpgBanana Bay plr_bananabay ActiveStuffy360 Blade x64 PearForceOne fuzzymellow void~
Freyja NeoDement
Steam Workshop Link
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