Server Commands

Creators have various helpful server commands you can use while in game.

!contract or !quest Pulls up information about your currently activated contract.
!rtv Rock The Vote! Starts a vote to immediately change the map.
!nominate Allows you to nominate a map for either the next map vote or the next !rtv vote.
/call Call a moderator to your current server.
!votealltalk or !valltalk Initiates a vote to enable all talk for the map. (Both teams can voice talk to each other.)
!alltalk Checks if all talk is enabled or not.
!votescramble or !vscramble Initiates a vote to scramble the teams.
!ctfhats Toggle Creators.TF cosmetics on/off.
!l or !loadout Opens your current class loadout.
!w or !website Opens the website's main page.
!vkick Call a vote to kick a player. Typing !vkick [partial name] will call a vote to kick that player.
e.g: !vkick nano
!c or !contracts Opens your ConTracker.
!i or !inventory Opens your Inventory.
!p or !profile Opens your Creators.TF profile.
!maprate Give the current map a rating.
!maprating View the map ratings.
!contracthud Disables the contract hud to the right of your screen.

These commands are exclusive to the Patreons for use in the Silly/Event Servers.

!resizeme Resizes your playermodel.
!dsp Change your voice with some special fx!
!rainbowme Adds a multicolor outline on you
!trailgun Shows the menu for the trail gun (right click with melee to shoot props)
!ragdoll Change the ragdoll to a special one when you kill somebody.
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